SART battery replacement services

SART battery replacements can be carried out by em-trak in the UK or Dealers who have access to the SART Battery replacement kit. For more information on the kits, please contact


For UK Battery Replacement
The standard battery replacement service costs $130, plus the return shipping cost. 
We require acceptance of the cost and the unit serial number to proceed. The service is treated as a non-warranty repair so once we have received approval we will issue a REP reference number and provide the em-trak shipping address.

Alternatively, if the SART is assigned to an IMO vessel, we can provide an advance replacement unit. This service costs $200 (plus shipping) and the unit comes with a 3 year warranty. Please note the following additional conditions for this service:

  • a photo of the original AIS SART100 ratings label is required for validation
  • once the request is validated we will ship the replacement unit (subject to payment or agreed credit terms)
  • once the replacement unit is received, the original SART will need to be shipped back to em-trak within 30 days. em-trak will invoice your account for the full cost of a new SART if the original SART is not received in this time


All replaced batteries have a lifetime of 7 years.

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